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5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools for 2022

Looking for free best digital Marketing tools? Small and local businesses all around the world are being forced into a digital transformation. Fortunately, there are hundreds of digital marketing tools to support this transition and growth online.  We’ll share with you 5 best free digital marketing tools to grow your business online. Today we are all living in unprecedented times with the ongoing changes and challenges of our business environment for small and local businesses all around the world. This means we need to change in a debt the way that we market and sell our products and services. As well as how we operate our businesses in general. So, we’ll look at the best digital marketing tools to grow your small business online in today’s fast changing business environment


HubSpot CRM customer relationship management software. This is a free comprehensive marketing tool and platform that integrates with many other business tools. It is a free CRM that has many powerful features for small business growth. You can manage interactions with customers and prospects while also creating beautiful e-mail templates and more. HubSpot CRM is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses. As you’re probably aware the majority of CRMs are extremely expensive the great thing about HubSpot CRM is that it is completely free. However if you do want to upgrade to use additional features then you can upgrade at any time.


Free Digital Marketing tool- Canva

Canva is a web and app-based design tool that lets anyone create professional-looking visual assets with a minimum of design training. Literally, anyone can do it. They have templates for every conceivable digital platform. From YouTube thumbnails and Facebook posts to Instagram stories and TikTok videos. You can also make Zoom backgrounds. The free tier of Canva comes with hundreds of thousands of templates, graphics, fonts and photos that you can use. It also allows you to collaborate with your team on design in real time. It also integrates directly with HubSpot so that your awesome looking assets can be deployed with a minimum of clicks then track each post to determine its overall success. Canva is also useful if you’re starting a new business with tools for designing logos. You can even design a free website using their web templates then optimize that website for SEO.

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Free Digital Marketing tool- MailChimp

An E-mail builder is essential for every business. With this tool you can simply create and build your email list. You can also easily build a landing page with MailChimp which offers a simple drag and drop landing page builder to easily capture emails and other information from your audience. You can also create campaigns to send your audience whenever you like with this simple easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. The great thing about MailChimp is it’s easy to set up for beginners and it’s free. You can have access to many essential features for building an online audience.  


Free Digital Marketing tool- Semrush

The primary use of Semrush is a keyword research tool. It provides crucial insight into how many keywords a website is ranking for and how popular those keywords actually are. As a result Semrush has thousands of super fans around the globe. It’s one of my must-have tools to monitor the health of the content your clients are publishing. Semrush also offers analysis far past just keywords including technical seo backlinking, competitive research, brand monitoring and content gaps.

Answer the Public

Free Digital Marketing tool- Answer The Public

Answer the public is a free visual tool that extract queries from google and present them in the categorized keyword cloud. For example if you type in the keywords “football” let’s say into the search bar and click the get questions button. Then the website will give you all possible content ideas in visual formats. So, first you will see a wheel of keywords related to your topic then they’re organized into five categories such as questions, pre-propositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related. So, as you can see answer the public can really give you hundreds of valid content ideas from typing in just one or two main keywords.

Conclusively, these are the top five essential marketing tools for any business to boost in these times. These tools will help you thrive in an age of digital significance for businesses.

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